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Advantages of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Worldwide Cover
Commercial general liability provides worldwide cover for both territory and jurisdiction. Business operations present across the world could be covered, with the ability to defend litigation abroad
Legal Expenses
Commercial liability insurance indemnifies cost incurred to defend a claim including lawyer and consultant's fees. Policy can be issued on the basis of either Right to Defend or Duty to Defend
Customized Cover
Comprehensive general liability insurance can be tailored to suit unique requirements of the business model or a specific contractual need e.g., waiver of subrogation and additional insured clauses
Multiple Locations
A single combined general liability policy can cover multiple factories, and office premises spread across the country or globally. Certificate of Insurance can be issued for each location separately

Benefits of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Physical Damage Liability Claims

  • Commercial liability policy covers premises liability by paying for claims from third party for bodily injury or death suffered in office or factory premises. For example, a guest may slip due to wet floor in your office premise, and sue for subsequent injuries
  • CGL also covers claims for 3rd party property damage such as waste from your plant seeping into a neighbourhood factory
  • The Product liability coverage within combined liability pays for physical damage or injury to a third party due to malfunction of your product

Damage to Property in Custody

  • CGL offers an add-on called Care Custody and Control. Hereby, goods kept in the custody of the insured are injured against any damage. The sum assured is sub-limited within the overall policy limit
  • Similarly, rented premises can be covered for Fire Lightning and Explosion damages (FLEXA perils). Specific sub-limit is assigned for this cover.
  • Valet parking for Hotels and Restaurants can be covered. Parking has to be within designated premises under the supervision of parking/security agency authorised by hotel


  • Commercial public liability offers unique add-ons to expand the scope of coverage. For example, medical expenses incurred for a third party bodily injury at designated premises can be covered. A sub-limit is defined for amount payable per person.
  • Extended premises such as Swimming Pool , Cafeteria, Health Clubs, Sauna and Spa, can be covered via a separate add-on
  • Hotels & Restaurants can buy add-ons for Food & Beverage, and Liquor liability. Claims arising due to consumption of such materials at the insured premises can then be covered


Commercial general liability insurance mainly covers the liability arising due to any third party bodily injury or property damage in course of your business operation or at your business premise. Policy covers both physical and non-physical damage to any 3rd party.
CGL Liability insurance offers grogrpahical coverage depending upon your scope of your business operation and setup. As per your physical presence you can choose from India only cover or Worldwide (excl. US & Canada) or Worldwide cover. You can also customize the jurisdiction as per the scope of your business. During the buying process our product experts will help you in deciding the right geography and jurisdiction.
Few key extensions provided under CGL are medical expense coverage, damage to the rented premise, act of god perils cover, food & beverage cover and lift insurance. Other add on which are available in the comprehensive general liability insurance policy are care custody and control cover, designated premises cover, and pollution extension.
The common exclusions of commercial general liability insurance are damage to your own property or product, fraudulent activity, and expected or intended injury. Any injury or damage that falls under the purview of workmen compensation or professional indemnity insurance is not covered by the CGL insurance. Liabilities arising due damage caused by war, terrorism, aircraft, auto or watercraft are also excluded from policy.
In case of liability insurance claim, foremost thing is to intimate your service provider from whom you have bought the policy, as soon as you receive a legal notice. Assuming you have bought the policy from us, we will then inform the insurance company about the claim. You can initiate us via mail, phone call or SMS, by sharing the details of incidents and the approximate claim amount mentioned in the legal notice.
In case of any claim, the CGL policy will pay first and foremost pay the cost of defence and investigation of the claim which includes lawyer's fees, attorney's fees, witness fees, and court costs. Second, out-of-court settlement, if any. And, finally the compensation awarded by the court is paid by the policy.
No, if the occurrence of claim is due to your professional negligence or wrongful activity, for example, loss caused due to mistake while installing the software in client's system; it will not be covered under the commercial general liability. As per the standard exclusions claims under the purview of professional indemnity are excluded from the policy. To cover client related liability claims, it is recommended to buy an errors & omission insurance (hyperlink).
Most importantly, you should make sure that all the information filled in the proposal form is correct and accurate during buying of the policy. You should also avoid hiding any relevant information at all the stages of your insurance policy. Apart from timely intimation of the claim, it is also requested to submit all the required documents timely and correctly for the faster processing. Our claim team will help you at every stage starting from buying insurance to claim processing to ensure you get your claim paid.
One of the major factor while calculating the premium of comprehensive general liability insurance is the type of industry you are operating. If your business activity has the higher risk of third party property damage or bodily injury, e.g. manufacturing, then the premium calculation would be high compared to a normal risk category. Other factors used to calculate premium is the size of the business, annual revenue, past claims and the coverage limit of policy.
Yes, a commercial general liability insurance can be started within minutes through our website. With a 3 step process you can pay and start your policy immediately. 3 step process includes providing contact information, industry selection and quotes (with various customized sum insured & benefits options). You can just select the options required and pay the premium for the option selected to start your coverage.
Policy premium at the time of renewal depends mainly on two factors. First, if you have taken any claim in last one year or not. Second, is there a change in coverage for the next year's policy. Based on these two factors next year's policy premium will change. For example, if there was no claim reported in the year and there is no change in the benefit structure then the chances of increase in premium is very less and vice-versa.
Under commercial liability insurance policy, we cover various extensions and add-ons. A few add-ons that can be covered by paying additional premium are damage to the rented property and medical expenses. Similarly, Act of God peril cover, lift extension, and F&B cover, are other add-ons
This policy doesn't cover individual personal liability claims filled by the third party. CGL policy is designed to cover third party liabilities for companies and organizations. If you are a professional or an individual practitioner such as doctor, lawyer, CA, etc then you buy a professional indemnity (hyperlink) to cover the financial liabilities arising due to professional negligence.
Liability claims arising due to third party assets in your office can be covered under commercial general insurance policy. By adding a specific clause called 'care, custody and control in your CGL policy you can cover liabilities arising due to damage to goods in your custody.
Yes, you can cover more than one location in the public liability insurance. Designated premises cover will let you cover all the declared locations in the CGL insurance. This would require you to declare details of all the locations with the insurer before buying the insurance policy.
Yes, you can buy a commercial general insurance policy to even cover a single project. If you are a contractor who have got a project and want to cover third party liability claims then our team can help you with a customized CGL policy specific to the project.


What is a Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) protects your business against any liability arising from third-party for bodily injury or property damage and personal injury caused to them. It means, if your company, product, your work or anything associated with your business causes injury to someone like your client or their property, you could be....
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Does General Liability Insurance Cover Property Damage?

Yes, a commercial general liability insurance also covers property damage. A typical commercial general liability insurance helps in covering losses or damages which may arise due to bodily injury or property damage for which your business may be responsible for paying. Overall, a commercial general liability insurance offers coverage in case of bodily injury....
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What Are Supplementary Expenses Covered By Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Insurers cover various supplementary expenses under commercial general liability insurance. These charges, however, may vary according to different insurance policy providers. Following are some of the supplementary expenses commonly covered by Commercial General Liability Insurance...
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